Client Interviewing

Whether you are developing a new product or managing an existing one, your ability to learn from your clients and prospects will be the deciding factor in your success.  The techniques in this chapter will help you extract the maximum amount of … [Continue reading]

Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategy boils down to the broadly coordinated and highly focused initiatives that will have substantial impact on revenue growth or cost containment.  Your mission is to determine the essential actions to take in an atmosphere of limited … [Continue reading]

Mergers and Acquisitions

In the nine year period spanning June 2001 to June 2010, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) acquired 92 companies for in excess of $25 billion dollars.  If you are lucky enough to work for a juggernaut that averages ten acquisitions … [Continue reading]

Pricing Strategy

If you have ever called a large company customer service hotline and reached a live human being, then you probably heard the representative furiously hammering away at their keyboard.  In service industry parlance, they are logging a ticket that … [Continue reading]

Statistical Uncertainty

Despite having developed a strong mathematical aptitude, I entered the final year of my undergraduate education in electrical engineering with great trepidation.  My nemesis was a final unmet graduation requirement to complete a course in … [Continue reading]


The first step to becoming a deft negotiator is realizing that everything can be negotiated.  In many situations, such as employment agreements and home purchases, virtually everyone knows that they can and should negotiate the price.  In other … [Continue reading]

Salesforce Effectiveness

There is a tremendous volume of literature on how to be a great individual sales person from the minds of gurus like Zig Zigler and Jeffrey Gitomer.  However, wisdom on how to architect an effective group of salespeople is harder to come by.  If you … [Continue reading]

Building Digital Communities

If you are seeking to develop deeper relationships with clients and prospects, then you will benefit from fostering a digital community.  Conceptually, this is not new, as forward thinking companies have maintained high touch client advisory councils … [Continue reading]


These days, no self-respecting lead generation engine is complete without a web-based seminar program.  Live and even recorded Webinars are a low cost way to find and pre-qualify prospective customers.  These sessions are particularly effective for … [Continue reading]

Product Management

In most organizations, the critical skill for a successful product manager is best summed up as influence at a distance.  Whether the product management function reports in to sales, marketing, or a standalone business unit, there are a distinct set … [Continue reading]